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 From Individuals to Organizations

Azure Gate Consulting guides and teaches individuals and organizations to turn around uncomfortable work-related situations. We work with issues between two or more individuals, problems between individuals and organizations, and challenges among different groups in an organization and/or across an entire project or program.

 From Stuck to Flowing Forward

By using the tools below, we help individuals and organizations move projects and initiatives from stuck to flowing forward.

  • Adult learning theory
  • Adult development theory
  • Agility-supporting leadership models
  • Systems thinking
  • Interest-based conflict resolution
  • Dialogue skills
  • Agile and traditional project and program management

Preservation of the Agile Heart


This book is an invitation to a conversation. It is also an exhortation to agile coaches, consultants, and advocates to look first at themselves when they seek to transform others. It affirms that all agile transformations are first personal transformations. And, it provides pointers to support personal transformation on an ongoing basis.

Individual and Team Coaching

Azure Gate provides both individual and team coaching and turnaround support.

Offerings for teams include group dynamics problem solving, agile practice and transformation support, project and program turnaround, and agile or traditional process and practice assessments.

Offerings for individuals include agility supporting leadership transition, career transition, and developmental coaching.

Custom Training

In addition to turnaround support and coaching, Azure Gate provides the following training offerings, which can be customized to your needs:

Facilitative Leadership

Collaboration for Cross Functional Teams

Setting a Collaborative Context

Effective Conflict Engagement

Scrum Immersion Day

We Believe

At Azure Gate, we believe that work is an impetus to personal growth, and that the best personal growth moves all concerned to a higher level of performance and satisfaction. We foster learning in context among all parties participating in the relationship or work process.


Feel free to peruse our site. You’ll find a variety of useful articles and presentations. We are here to support you in working toward excellence in delivering life-enhancing products and work experiences.

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