In the Ocean

At various points in my life, I have scented something in the wind around me and decided to follow my nose even when other people thought it was crazy to head toward what attracted me.  It works [...]

Who Do You Belong To?

When I was a child, my family tended to move house every few years.  My mother hated hot, dry weather and loved the rainy days common in a coastal climate.  My father hated dark, dreary days and [...]

Nominal Leadership

For much of my career, I would find myself angry with leaders who placed their personal interests above all else, whose courage failed them when faced with great needs for showing leadership, [...]

Workplace Happiness

I like, so many of those of you reading this post, grew up in a culture where it is relatively easy to seek out and experience pleasure in many ways.  The very air is full of free and cheap [...]

Permission to Begin

Some of us spend a great deal of our lives waiting for or seeking “permission to begin” from others.  It’s a subtle thing.  It actually stops us from starting.  Waiting for permission—or even [...]

What Happens to Us?

Several months ago I came across an interesting question in a film review.  The question, it turned out, stuck with me much longer than the film itself:  What happens to us when we learn [...]

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