Fear of Flying

I was not raised in a family that flew.  My first flight was from Seattle to Frankfurt as a teen-aged exchange student.  I still remember looking out of the window over the north Atlantic and [...]

Who Do You Belong To?

When I was a child, my family tended to move house every few years.  My mother hated hot, dry weather and loved the rainy days common in a coastal climate.  My father hated dark, dreary days and [...]

Buck Up: Resile

I am an itinerate problem solver.  I walk into organizations in various roles to solve various kinds of problems.  Not uncommonly when I walk around a new organization I notice things like “No [...]

Crisis of Courage?

My last post, Courage— Learned or Innate, seemed to generate some interesting conversation in several forums.  I know the responses certainly caused me to do some more thinking. First, for those [...]

Courage: Learned or Innate?

Over the last couple of years, courage has become more and more interesting to me.  I have come to understand that people move to compassion more easily than they move to courage.  I see a [...]

Violent Agreement

I have a colleague who beats the drum that, “We do not do project management. We do project leadership.” I tend to agree with him. Though I do think there is an element of management to what [...]

A Great Boss

There are not many great bosses.  Personally, since I know the origins of the term “boss,” I usually prefer the term “supervisor.” But, today, my task is to talk about one of my great bosses [...]

The Scrum Values

The Scrum values are: Courage Focus Commitment Openness, and Respect To refresh my thinking on this topic, I recently turned to the Oxford English Dictionary. Courage originally referred to [...]

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