Workplace Happiness

I like, so many of those of you reading this post, grew up in a culture where it is relatively easy to seek out and experience pleasure in many ways.  The very air is full of free and cheap [...]

What Happens to Us?

Several months ago I came across an interesting question in a film review.  The question, it turned out, stuck with me much longer than the film itself:  What happens to us when we learn [...]

The Value of Conflict

This morning I had some business at the county courthouse where I’ve mediated small claims cases for the last 12 years.  This year I am due to reconfirm my commitment to ongoing education in [...]

Weak in the Knees

There are only two people on this planet now who make me go weak in the knees in abject admiration when in their presence:  Nikki Giovanni and Norm Kerth.  They, in many ways, are not alike.  [...]