The Man with the Gun

Well, it’s happened again.  It’s Monday (or Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday), and you have to go to work.  And there he is again, sitting on the end of your bed—with the gun.  Some days [...]

Time Away

A number of years ago I had cause to do a little research on workaholism for a class I was taking on “Work and Community.”  I remember that one of my sources said that it is not the workaholic [...]

Weak in the Knees

There are only two people on this planet now who make me go weak in the knees in abject admiration when in their presence:  Nikki Giovanni and Norm Kerth.  They, in many ways, are not alike.  [...]

Why work?

I have an interest in the sociology of work. I’ve had this interest all my life–well, at least since I was eight, but more about that later. Because of my obsession–and, yes, it [...]