Who is Lisle Mason?

Last week the first Lisle Mason story was published on AgileConnection.com.  Some people think they know who Lisle Mason is.  Maybe they think she is a thinly disguised version of themselves or someone they know.  She is herself.  It’s true what writers say about characters walking into a room and having a conversation with the writer who does the typing.  Her name, by the way, is pronounced “Lile.”  It is from the French and means “an island.”

Lisle Mason works on a project by project  basis. Her projects include things like helping organizations reset anything from team dynamics to a release of a product to an entire unit or division.  She has learned most of what she knows about leadership the hard way.

At some point, she came across an essay on pervasive leadership.  She liked it because it reminded her of servant leadership, but it seemed clearer about how to do it.  And, it met her needs for appropriate stewardship of the organization and the business as well as providing a grounded framework for helping do what she has become committed to doing:  addressing the ebb tide of personal leadership in her generation and those just stepping into the workplace or onto the planet while keeping a focus on her own performance.  She knows she’s not infallible.  She also knows her track record shows she can solve tough problems through uncommon means.

You will see her operate under a range of titles as she moves from project to project and organization to organization.  You will also find that there are people in the world who have a similar leadership stance.  They will begin to appear in the stories, and you may be attracted to the Pervasive Leadership model  yourself.  If so, watch this space.

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